What does the Photo Booth look like?

Our photo booths are very elegant, we have to different models: one is solid units made out of aluminum and black vinyl panels and the other one is a compact open-air version. See The Photo Booths

What is the Scrapbook Station?

Is a table with a book where your guests will place one copy of the pictures and leave a hand written message.
We will provide the book, the table, the markers and the double sided tape.

How long does it take to set up the Photo Booth?

We need about one hour to set up the Photo Booth.

Is the set up time considered part of the 4hs service?

No. We start the set up one hour before the service time. So you will get to use the Booth for 4hs.

Are the photos of high quality?

Yes, they are high quality. Our Photo Booths are equipped with Canon DSRL 18MP cameras.

Are there limitations as to where the photo booth can be set-up?

The only limitations are that we need a power outlet next to the Photo Booth and it must be protected from the rain.

Is the photo booth easy to operate?

Yes! The touch screen monitor will guide you through the process.

Can we supply our own props?

Yes. Feel free to bring any special props that your guests might enjoy taking pictures with.

What are print sizes?

We will make two copies 4″ x 6″ for every single session.

Will the photos fade over time?

Our printer’s manufactures say that the prints are “expected to last 100 years under proper conditions.”